DC Comics' New 52 Superman Returns

After being gone from the spotlight for quite a while, everyone in the DC Universe thinking him dead, the Superman from New 52 continuity has found his way back to life. With comics, characters returning from the grave aren't all that surprising, but the book in which Superman made his return will definitely surprise you.

At the end of Sideways #9 of all places, the jean-wearing Superman steps out of the shadows and returns to DC Comics.

In Sideways, Derek has been kidnapped into another universe, and is being held in a kingdom ruled by the Benevolent. In this place, there are alternate versions of various DC characters like Jimmy Olsen, Clark Kent, and Lois Lane. While they have served the Benevolent for years and years, they decide to help Derek escape when he chooses to leave the Benevolent's rule.

Once he's banished, Derek wakes up in a strange, cellar-like place, and has suddenly regained all of his powers. He searches for a way out of this prison when he comes across a giant green cocoon, with something hidden inside.

Using his powers, Sideways makes a rip in the cocoon to try to discover who or what exists within it, and he was met with a significant surprise.

sideways superman return 1
(Photo: DC Comics)

After teasing the appearance of Superman, Clark walks out of the cocoon and speaks to Derek, revealing that he is very much alive. And of course, he's still donning those blue jeans.

"That's right, I'm back," Superman declares. "And no one's ever putting me away again!"

sideways superman return 2
(Photo: DC Comics)

By the way that sounds, this version of Superman might be back for good, which could cause some major issues if he comes face to face with his replacement. However, we can be certain that the two won't cross paths in the pages of Sideways, so we'll have to tune in to other books to see that story unfold.

Did you expect to see New 52 Superman return? Will he play a major part of the DC continuity going forward? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!