'Arrow' Recap With Spoilers: "Level Two"

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(Photo: The CW)

"Level Two" starts with Oliver sitting in his new cell in the lower level of the prison. He's approached by Jay Parker, a psychiatrist assigned to question Oliver about his current mental state. Oliver explains his situation in which he's trying to get access to Ricardo Diaz in order to protect his family.

In Star City, Felicity is questioning Silencer on the whereabouts of Diaz. Upset, Felicity is tempted to begin torturing their captive but Rene pulls her aside and talks her off the ledge.

We see a flash forward and William and Roy have returned to Star City.

Rene attends a town hall-style meeting that Dinah hosts. Several Star City residents express their displeasure in how the police officers are handling crime now — and several mention how life was easier when vigilantes were in town.

Dinah notices that somebody has started a fire in the back of the building. Everyone is able to escape — including Rene's daughter Zoe, who is rescued by the new Green Arrow.

Zoe's admitted to the hospital for precautionary measures and Curtis and Diggle arrive to check up on here. Curtis gifts her a plush Beebo doll.

Outside of Zoe's room, Rene and Dinah argue about the actions of the new Arrow.

Parker enters Oliver's cell to continue their conversation from earlier. Now that Oliver has been lacking food and water for a considerable time, Oliver starts opening up about the memories of his father he has been trying to suppress.

Felicity goes to ask Laurel for her help in getting answers out of the Silencer. Laurel agrees to help out.

Rene's phone buzzes with an alert — another building is on fire in the Glades. When he arrives there, the Green Arrow is on scene. Before long, Dinah shows up and tries arresting the Arrow but Rene steps in the way allowing the vigilante to get away. Dinah arrests Rene for interring in official acts.

Oliver starts refusing to answer the psychiatrist's questioning again and threatens to begin torturing him.

Diggle arrives at the police department to speak with Dinah about incarcerating Rene. Diggle tries getting to the bottom of Dinah's recent anti-vigilantism views.

In another flash forward, William and Roy have arrived at the location on William's GPS and find the item they're looking for. They're on their way out when they're stopped by a police officer. After a moment, a hooded vigilante comes in and knocks the police officer out — the vigilante is revealed to be Dinah.

In the regular timeline, Dinah enters Rene's cell and asks him to work with her — if he agrees to do it Dinah's way. Rene agrees and Dinah gives him a case file — somebody has been burning down buildings in The Glades so that developers can swoop in rebuild on the same land.

Laurel is unable to get Silencer to reveal anything. Felicity starts getting flustered and mentions to Laurel that they need to start using tougher interrogation methods. Laurel's able to talk Felicity down.

Rene's able to track down the arsonists to a theater in the glades and he and Dinah are able to arrive there before they launch an attack. Dinah's knocked out by an explosion and the new Arrow arrives to help Rene out. The trio are able to catch the arsonists and arrest them.

Later on, Dinah thanks Rene for agreeing to help her out.


Felicity and Laurel stage a fake argument in which Felicity throws down a screwdriver. The two walk away and Silencer uses the screwdriver to escape her handcuffs. It's then revealed Felicity implanted Silencer with a tracking device that will lead them directly to Diaz.

In the future, William powers up the device he found and its a map of The Glades they need. A grown Zoe walks in and it's revealed shes now a vigilante.