'Supergirl' Recap With Spoilers: "Rather the Fallen Angel"

(Photo: The CW, DC Entertainment)

"Rather the Fallen Angel" starts with Kara hovering above National City, she's listening for something. We see that Machester Black is in a standoff with one of the Children of Liberty. The terrorist tries to shoot Manchester but Kara flies in and stops the bullet.

Outside, the Liberty agent informs the duo about the group targeting an incoming cargo shipment of stolen fission rods.

James is taken to meet with Agent Liberty himself. James is unaware that the masked individual is Ben Lockwood. Lockwood reveals that he wants James to destroy a monument.

At L-Corp, Lena's assistant informs her that they've located a willing participant to participate in their new experiment.

Kara arrives at the DEO to Alex showing her Ben Lockwood's new television show. Kara orders Brainy to try tracking down the aforementioned fission rods.

James is now being held captive at Agents of Liberty facility when Tom and tells him that the group wants him to destroy the monument on Shelly Island, the welcoming port for aliens in National City. The Agents of Liberty corner James and Tom outside and in exchange for the group keeping Tom alive, James agrees to destroy the monument.

The test subject begins questioning Lena as to why he was the only one chosen for the drug trial. Lena reveals that she chose him because he was the one most similar to her.

Alex arrives at Kara's apartment later that night to inform her sister that Brainy has found the bodies of the five missing Children of Liberty.

Kara flies to Manchester's flat to apologize for her actions earlier. While there, Brainy radios to Kara that he thinks the fission rods are being used to create a small nuclear weapon.

Lena informs the test subject the purpose behind the trial — whoever undergoes the procedure will gain abilities that makes them invincible. After hearing that, the test subject gets upset because he doesn't want to turn into a hero and tells the story about how his brother passed away after giving up one of his kidneys.

Kara and Manchester come to the conclusion that they're going to use the bomb in correlation with an event at Shelly Island. The two head out and it's revealed that Manchester has set Supergirl up. Now that she's on Shelly Island, she's powerless in the hands of the Children of Liberty.

Lena's having a heart-to-heart conversation with the test subject — who we now know as Adam. She goes into the story of how she watched her mom drown and Adam reminds her it wasn't her fault.

In his green room at the studio, Lockwood pulls up a stream of a security camera on Shelley Island on his tablet. They've chained Kara up inside the bottom of the monument without telling James she's there. Eventually, Kara's able to break free and uses whatever little power she has left to scale up the wall of the monument and look out to see James beginning to film the introduction to his video that they're going to broadcast prior to the demolition of the alien statue. Kara's unable to yell loud enough to get his attention.

The Children of Liberty take Manchester inside, he flips sides again and starts shooting the agents. James is about to press the button of the bomb when he looks toward the monument and notices Kara trying to get out. He refuses to press the button and starts attacking the agents surrounding him.

Manchester gets outside and shoots down the power-dampening devices, allow Kara to get all of her powers once again.

Lena walks in the examination room and tells Adam that they're no longer proceeding with the experiment but he convinces her to keep it going. After hearing about Adam's reasoning for wanting to continue, Lena agrees and proceeds to inject him with the drug.

Manchester's trying to escape the island when he's stopped by J'onn, who confronts him about his betrayal of Kara. J'onn tells Manchester that he won't allow him to kill anymore people, even it was Agent Liberty himself.

Later that night, Lena's speaking into her voice recorder and it's revealed that although Adam possessed superhuman strength for about three minutes, he ultimately ended up dying.

Back at CatCo, James apologizes to Kara and tells her he's going to write an op-ed about his side of the story with the Children of Liberty. The two talk about Manchester Black's betrayal. James admits to Kara that he understands why Lena lied to him about the district attorney.


Later on, James takes dinner to Lena's office and asks her how her day was, but she turns it down, saying she'll see him tomorrow.

Brainy's watching TV with Kara and Alex when there's a knock on the door. Kara answers and it's a devastated J'onn. He's sobbing and he apologizes to Kara for believing in Manchester.