'Gotham' Recap With Spoilers - "Trespassers"

Gordon and Harvey talk about the young boy that come into the GCPD at the end of the last episode. He and a bunch of other kids have been kept chained up by a gang several miles away. The kid tells Jim that the gang will torture the other children because of his escape. Just after leaving the room, Jim gets a call from the mainland and he's told to stand down and just keep the people in his green zone safe. However, the mainland isn't going to be sending supplies any time soon. Jim rallies the troops, with very little ammo, to go into the Dark Zone and get the kids. Barbara's section of the city is on the way so the plan is to ask her for help.

Bruce arrives at a gate to an abandoned building in the middle of the night and breaks in. He's looking for the witch. Dead bodies are littered throughout the building, vines going through and around their bodies. A few men appear and talk to Bruce. They say that the witch "took their souls" and that they locked her in the storage room so she couldn't hurt anyone again. One man explains that the witch talks to plants and "makes them do things." There are more men on the way and, when they arrive, they plan to burn the witch alive. Bruce lies and tells them he needs to talk to her because she took his brother and he needs to find him. He asks for just five minutes. When he looks into the storage room, he sees Ivy lying on the floor.

There's a party going on at the Sirens club when Jim arrives to talk to Barbara. She argues that Jim should've killed Penguin when he had the chance, and that it's his fault Tabitha is dead. He apologizes and asks for her help. She says he can use any of her vehicles but that he's never going to make it deep into the city.

Once the trucks reach the Dark Zone, they are pelted with arrows, rocks, and fire. A terrifying group of skeleton-painted thieves emerge from the darkness.

Underground, a gang forces an entire group of children to dig a tunnel out of the city. They're all chained up as they dig. These gang members are taking some sort of smoke drug through masks that causes them to "see the future." It's morning outside, and Jim Gordon rolls up with his trucks and officers. Jim asks the gang members to surrender their weapons and turn the children over. With guns on the gang leaders, Jim takes the keys and goes inside to get the kids out. A shootout ensues as Jim leaves the building and the police make off with the entire group of children.

Bruce approaches Ivy and she tries to explain that she didn't actually kill the men that he saw in the vines. She says that the plants in the park are speaking to one another and they came to her protection when the men tried to kill her. Bruce asks for her help in healing Selina. She tells him about a seed growing under the oaks that is said to have magical qualities. If ingested, this seed heads for damaged tissue and bone inside someone's body. She tells Bruce she will take him to it, but only if he protects her from the men outside.

Riddler wakes up chained to a bed and he cheers. His plan worked, and he has found a way to avoid the sleepwalking spells. However, when he goes into the bathroom he finds a man tied up, gagged, and bloody in his shower. The man is confused as to why Riddler doesn't remember him. His name is Tank, part of the Street Demons Gang. He tells Riddler he's the one that beat him up and brought him back. Riddler wanted information but neither man remembers what the info was, or if it was ever revealed. So they're going to go through it all again.

Jim, Harvey, and a couple of the kids didn't make it in the trucks, but they did escape the gang. They wind up in an old hotel that seems abandoned but has a recently lit candle in the lobby. Jim and Harvey sweep through the hotel. As they leave, a creepy masked woman is seen watching the kids. As Jim enters one of the rooms, a small boy emerges from the closet where he was hidden. Harvey finds a table in the basement with teeth, fingers, watches, and glasses on plates. As he starts to scream for Jim, he is attacked by the masked woman.

Riddler tortures the Street Demon member who finally tells him that he was looking for the location of their hideout. He unties the man and they leave for the gang hideout together so Riddler can find out why he was looking for it.

Bruce lets Ivy out of the storage room and tries to tell the men that she wasn't the one that killed the others. She immediately proves him wrong and kills all three men in front of them, showing she was lying the whole time. Bruce asks Ivy to help because it's about Selina. She explains that she's helping the world by killing people and planting their bodies in the ground, allowing the planet to grow and flourish. He convinces her that she's got nothing good or hopeful left inside her and she finally cuts a deal. She will help Bruce, but then she gets left alone.

Jim talks to the little boy who says that he doesn't remember his name and that his parents are dead. He says "The Ghost" found him. She makes him call her Mother. When Jim and Harvey start to walk out, the boy locks them in a room. The lights go out, then another set of lights start blinking around the room, and the boy says it will put them to sleep so they don't feel anything. As they're dozing off, Mother appears and tries to kill them. Harvey stops everything by busting the window open. She says she's keeping the young boy safe and taught him how to survive. She gets loose from Jim's hold and vanishes through a passage in the wall.

Riddler and Tank get back to the hideout to find the entire Street Demon gang dead. There's a message on the wall saying "Penguin was here." Riddler thinks that someone framed Penguin to start a war.

Ivy takes Bruce out to one of the big oak trees in the park and digs until she finds the seed she told him about. If Selina eats the seed, she'll probably be cured. It depends on how strong she is. Ivy says the seed will change her forever, no matter what, unlocking the "darker angels" within her.

At the hotel, Jim and Harvey get back to the lobby rejoin the kids. They all leave the building but, when they get out into the street, they're stopped by the gang that they took the kids from. The group with painted skeletons appears on the other side of Jim, claiming they want to kill him to get Penguin's reward. Jim, Harvey, and the kids are completely surrounded.

Bruce gets back to the hospital and fills Alfred in on what happened with Ivy. Selina decides to take the seed, despite the doubts about Ivy. She swallows the seed and nothing happens. A few moments later, Selina begins to seize and Bruce thinks she's going to die.


The two gangs in the street raise their guns to try and kill Jim. Barbara shows up out of the fog in a vehicle with a mounted gun, taking all of the villains out at once. She tells him he's going to help her kill Penguin and Jim tables the discussion until they get the kids to safety. The entire group gets back to the green zone and the kids are safe. The new green zone has been established in an old apartment building with a courtyard. It's bigger than Gotham Central, but it still isn't going to last forever.

The doctor tells Bruce that, after the seizure, Selina completely stabilized and seemed alright. They gave her some sedatives so she could sleep it off. Bruce goes in to find her bed empty and the window open. While he's looking for her, Selina walks out from the shadows and tells him she feels different, but better. "Even better than before." As they hug, Selina looks at the moon and her eyes turn bright green, like those of a cat.