'Black Lightning' Recap: Jennifer Becomes A Viral Sensation In "Pillar of Fire"

(Photo: Black Lightning / The CW)

As Jennifer begins to learn the secrets behind controlling her powers, things are starting to heat up on Black Lightning. Here's what happened on "Pillar of Fire," tonight's episode of Black Lightning.

Agent Odell reveals that Markovia has been working on creating an army made of metahumans and that's why he's been keeping an eye on Lynn — he's discovered intel that they're trying to capture her for her expertise. Because the Markovians know where the pods are kept, Odell insists they move the pods with Lynn still objecting to the move.

It's revealed Tobias has been storing the frozen bodies of metahumans in an effort to build an army of his own. He's alerted to the ASA moving the pods and grows upset, thinking that the move will affect the connection to the briefcase he's using on his own metas. Tobias wakes Marcus, one of his metas, ordering him and Cutter to stop the ASA from moving the pods.

Once Marcus and Cutter arrive at the ASA, Doctor Jace locks Lynn in a room so that she's unable to thwart the attackers. She's able to get a call out to Jefferson, who arrives at the ASA with Annisa. Cutter and Marcus are able to escape with the pods before Jefferson and Annisa arrive.

Anissa goes back to Grace's apartment to go through her belongings left behind. She finds a pill on the floor and takes it to Gambi to analyze. While she's waiting for Gambi to finish, she has a heart to heart with Jennifer at the family cabin. As they're talking about Grace, Anissa receives and text and leaves, but warns her sister not to go anywhere.

Gambi informs Anissa that "Grace Choi" doesn't exist and it was a name she took up after escaping from a child trafficking ring. Gambi says the pill was a custom compound used to treat schizophrenia.

Not listening to Anissa, Jennifer leaves the cabin to track down some of Tobias' hired guns and begins torturing one of them for the location of their boss. She's duped into going to the primary hideout of The 100, where she's cornered by a dozen or so gang members. Before long, Anissa shows up to save Jennifer.

Other plot points of note:

  • At school, it's revealed that the videos of Lowry yelling at the kids at the stand-in have gone viral. A member of the school board talks to Jefferson and tells him that he might be getting his job back. Jefferson's offered the job but turns it down, telling the school board that Lowry deserves the chance to fully implement his plan.

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