'Arrow' Episode 719 Title Suggests a Diggle Focused Episode

The latest title for Arrow's seventh season has been revealed -- and it puts yet another team member in the spotlight.

Arrow showrunner Beth Schwartz recently took to Twitter to share a photo of the script page for the nineteenth episode of the season, which is titled "Spartan". Just to hammer home the fact that the episode is about John Diggle/Spartan (David Ramsey), the photo also includes a Lord Mesa drawing of Diggle.

The idea of Diggle's vigilante persona possibly coming back again is certainly interesting, considering what's been in store for the character thus far this season. For the most part, Diggle has functioned as a leader of ARGUS alongside his wife, Lyla Michaels (Audrey Marie Anderson), and has largely worked with Team Arrow outside of their vigilante costumes. Could things change in this episode? Or could Diggle be forced to don the Spartan mantle for another reason? Fans will have to wait and see.

There's a chance that the episode could have something to do with a mysterious face from Diggle's past, who was recently teased to appear at some point in the remainder of Season 7.

"You can expect to meet this spring the decorated Army general who served as Dig's mentor back in the day," a recent report revealed. "Though the gents are now estranged, they meet up again under unexpected circumstances."

And of course, there's the nature of Arrow's current flash-forward sequences, which recently brought on the older version of Diggle's son, Connor Hawke (Joseph David-Jones), in a recurring role. With Diggle's fate in the bleak future currently unknown, there's a chance that the episode could answer some of those questions.


"When we had flashbacks in every episode, sometimes it felt like a little too much," Schwartz said at the beginning of the season. "I wanted to make sure that we were telling the story we needed to tell instead of being forced to tell them in every episode. With the flash forwards, we're able to see the consequences of what our team has done in the present day story. In the future storyline you're going to be able to see were vigilantes effective? How did that affect Star City in the future? How did it affect The Glades? How did it affect all the characters we love? Are people going to be the same or different? It opens up the world a lot."

Arrow airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.