Nightwing and Red Hood Race Against Some Classics in Latest GEGGHEAD Video

Freddie Prinze Jr. and Jon Lee Brody have suited up as Red Hood and Nightwing once again! The co-creators of GEGGHEAD enjoy making hilarious sketches as the DC characters, and their latest video takes them on a slow motion race through some excellent pop culture scenes.

In the video, we get a taste of Armageddon, Wonder Woman, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Homeward Bound, Seinfeld, and more! This isn’t the first time the comedic duo has put their green screen and running skills to good use. Earlier this month, they made a similar video with some incredibly iconic scenes in the background. Only that time they paid homage to the classic Batman theme instead of this video’s nod to Chariots of Fire.

“Geggheads of Fire,” Brody joked when speaking to “The initial idea was only to have the 1966 style Batman run. But while we were shooting we decided why not do a cheesy slow-mo one, too? And to make it even cheesier we thought why not actually move in slow motion? So what you see is really us moving really slow in real time,” he explained.

We also asked Brody his favorite clip from the montage, and his answer was a no-brainer.

“My fav clip has to be the corgis at the end. These aren’t just any corgis. I actually know them. The one on the right is Bentley. He was on Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency and the one on the left is Farah. She was on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. And Farah is also the mama to my new corgi pup, Shelby!”

You can follow Bently's Instagram here, and Shelby's here!

“When choosing the clips I wanted to just continue the idea of us running from everything. It was initially just gonna be Chariots of Fire. But I figured why not include Rudy or The Sandlot or Teen Wolf. But the song was a nod to the Chariots of Fire theme nicely done by the great Mike Schmidt aka Speedforce music,” Brody added.

GEGGHEAD was founded by Prinze Jr., Brody, and Clare Grant, and features ongoing sketches such as Superhero Casting Call and F*@# Deadpool. They also have tons of gaming content, including GEGG WARS, a Star Wars Table Top RPG Series featuring Prinze Jr. and the cast of Star Wars Rebels.

You can check out more GEGGHEAD content on their YouTube page.



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