'Supergirl' Recap With Spoilers: Lena and Supergirl Team Up in "Crime and Punishment"

supergirl crime and punishment recap
(Photo: The CW)

After taking a few weeks off, Supergirl returns tonight and the Girl of Steel may face her biggest challenge yet. With Red Daughter having attacked the White House while impersonating Supergirl, she now has to find a way to prove her innocence while also tracking down the person responsible: Lex Luthor. Read on for our full spoiler recap of tonight's episode, "Crime and Punishment" below.

Things kick off with President Baker addressing the nation about "Supergirl's" supposed White House attack, declaring a sundown to sun up curfew and telling her to turn herself in. Despite this, Supergirl hears someone in trouble and goes to help. She's attacked by some citizens trying to arrest her as she attempts to help a man. No one believes she's innocent. At L Corp, Lena and Alex try to support Supergirl by attempting to figure out who really did it and what Lex is up to. Supergirl and Lena then pay the prison's warden a visit. They leverage him so they can search Lex's cell for clues.

In Lex's cell, Lena takes apart a chess piece and finds a message from Lex -- the photo of the young man she first tried her Harun-El serum on who died along with the date of the Romanoff execution. That leads to another hidden thing, Lex's diaries. Elsewhere, Ben Lockwood shows up the DEO to collect weapons and ambush Supergirl. Alex stalls and Colonel Haley supports her, but also has the agents collect the weapons as well as Alex's signal watch. Brainy suggest to Alex that they scrub the alien registry as a proactive measure.

James's sister drives him to therapy. James doesn't really want to go, but ultimately does. His sister then goes to meet with Alex who wants help with convincing Haley to resist Lockwood. She suggests finding a different, non-angry approach to Haley. Brainy gets to the registry to delete it and has a crisis of consciousness, stopping him from doing it. Supergirl and Lena discover someone is watching them in Lex's cell. James works through is trauma in therapy while something black creeps through the veins on his neck.

Supergirl chats with the prisoner snooping on them. He's not exactly willing to help. He's not exactly a fan of Supergirl and declares her a narcissist who ruins all she touches. At CatCo, Brainy asks Nia what he should do with the registry by using her powers. She pretends to see the future and that he doesn't delete it, which prompts him to realize he must. At the DEO, Alex tries to appeal to Haley by mentioning her daughter. She fails. At the prison, Otis graves shows up and sends the inmates after Supergirl.

Supergirl faces the prisoners who one-by-one fail to even put a dent in the Girl of Steel. At CatCo. James continues to struggle with his PTSD as well as what appears to be newly-developing powers. In the prison, Lena continues to go through the journals and finds a "positive" memory which leads her to the entrance to a secret passage in the jail. Otis comes up to Supergirl and he's powered by Kryptonite. Supergirl has a protective shield, but the military has now showed up at the prison to take her in. As Otis fights her, her protective shield fails. Supergirl quickly turns into Kara to evade him but is captured by inmates. The one from earlier named Steve, saves her and Kara tries to get information from him but has to leave because the National Guard are coming in. Supergirl ends up following Lena into the secret passage.

That passage turns out to be a secret lab, but they have leave quickly before they can find out more. At the same time Otis is reporting back to Lex, who appears to use the kryptonite in Otis' suit to kill him. Back at the DEO, Brainy gets a call from Nia that she seen the future for real this time and thinks that deleting the registry will be an issue. Too late, Brainy already did it. Lockwood shows up with his warrant and has Haley signal Supergirl -- but she presses the button twice on purpose. Supergirl doesn't show up.

The news continues to lie about Supergirl who is struggling with the situation. She decides that Supergirl needs to lay low for the moment. At CatCo, James tells his sister about his weird manifestation of powers, but she says they are PTSD symptoms instead. James wants to speak to Lena. In Washington, the president authorizes the deputization of the Children of Liberty. Otis ends up not dead -- or rather Eve brought him back, but his lab was destroyed at the jail. Fortunately, Steve got the hard drive and gives it to Kara. "The pen is mightier than a sword."



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