Titans Star Conor Leslie Shows Off Donna Troy Lasso Training

Later this year, Titans will finally be returning to DC Universe for a brand new season, and it looks like the young heroes are all getting fitted with some major upgrades. Star Brenton Thwaites has already confirmed that Dick Grayson will finally don the new Nightwing suit that we've all been waiting to see, but that's not all. Donna Troy, also known as Wonder Girl, appeared in a couple of episodes in the first season of Titans, and she's returning with a bigger role in Season 2. This time around, she's actually going to get in on the action, and show off some of those lasso skills she learned from Wonder Woman.

Conor Leslie, who plays Donna Troy on Titans, took to Twitter this week to show off some footage of her current lasso training as she prepares to film some scenes from Season 2. Donna pulled out the lasso once in the first season of the series, but it looks as though she'll be doing a lot more with it this time around.

"Day 1 of Lasso Training for Donna," Leslie wrote in a tweet on Thursday evening. Along with the message was a five-second video of Leslie tossing her lasso out and catching a chair, pulling it back toward her. For just her first day, it looks like the Titans star is really crushing this lasso work.

It's likely that Donna won't be wielding the lasso for a ton of time in Season 2, unless Leslie recorded the video previously and waited until now to post it online. Filming for the new season has been taking place for some time now, so if she's just now working with the lasso, it's likely that we'll see a lot of Donna on her own before she suits up as Wonder Girl.

In addition to the video from her lasso sessions, Leslie also shared a photo of her working alongside her lasso trainer, trying to get the right technique down.


As of now, there is no firm release date for Titans Season 2, but it's is likely to arrive in the latter months of 2019, just about a year after the first season was released.

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