Krypton: Who Is Flamebird?

Kryptonian mythology is an important element of SYFY's Krypton. During the show's first season. viewers got to see the significance gods have in Kryptonian culture, specifically through the shadowy figure known as The Voice, a figurehead for Krypton's society and prophet of the sun god, Rao. This season, the series is again reaching into the fictional world's mythology and tonight, fans got their first real taste of that with Flamebird.

Spoilers ahead for the second episode of Krypton's second season, "Ghost in the Fire".

In tonight's episode, we catch up with Jayna-Zod (Ann Ogbomo) who is in the Outlands with her previously-believed-dead brother. The pair talk, with Jayna telling her brother the story of Flamebird. In Jayna's story, Flamebird and her brother were the first two children of Rao and they had a very specific purpose. Her brother would build the world and Flamebird would burn it down. This cycle happened over and over and over again, Flamebird's flames cleansing the world only for it to be rebuilt again and again. Finally, the cycle stopped with the creation of Krypton -- the implication being that Krypton was perfect.

For comics fans, the name Flamebird may ring a few bells. Flamebird, along with Nightwing, are a duo of Kryptonian gods who reincarnate through history and are destined to find each other (and be betrayed by a friend) in each lifetime. The pairing may be best known for the legend Superman tells a young Dick Grayson of the Kryptonian gods, inspiring him to adopt the name Nightwing for himself.

The inclusion of both Flamebird and Nightwing is something that was originally revealed during the show's panel at last year's San Diego Comic-Con. However, as fans may have noticed tonight, Jayna doesn't call Flamebird's brother "Nightwing" -- potentially since the name is being used by on DC Universe's Titans.


Tonight's mention of Flamebird is just the latest significant character to enter the world of Krypton. During last week's season two premiere everyone's favorite Czarnian, the Main Man himself Lobo made his live action debut and tonight's episode also saw another "introduction" of sorts. The terrifying Doomsday was seen tonight as well.

Krypton airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on SYFY.