iZombie Recap With Spoilers: "Night and the Zombie City" Goes Noir

The clock is ticking down on iZombie's fifth and final season, and the show's latest episode definitely wasn't afraid of pulling some punches. Read on to find out all of the twists and turns in this week's noir-themed episode, "Night and the Zombie City".


Ravi and Liv investigate a murder at Don-E's club, where they find Frank, a private investigator murdered with an ice pick in the brothel while sleeping with a sex worker named Bunny. Liv cooks Frank's brains and eats them, as everything takes a noir-style tone.

Liv and Clive interview Jane, a human waitress who found the body and maintains Bunny's innocence. They then receive word that Bunny was found dead, also from an ice pick. Liv suspects Jane of knowing more than she lets on.

Jane arrives at the bar and points a gun at Blaine. She admits to killing Bunny and Frank, but gets knocked out by another employee before she can say more.

Liv decides to investigate Frank and Bunny's murders on her own, which leads to her and Blaine both breaking into Frank's office. The next day, Liv accuses Blaine of eating Jane's brains, and they interview him about it. Blaine has a vision of Jane watching Bunny find out about the zombie cure, but hides that information from Liv and Clive. Clive takes Liv off of the case until she gets off of Frank's brain.

Liv continues to investigate the case, and sees a vision of Frank trying to sneak the zombie cure in for Bunny. She then determines that the zombie cure is still hidden at Don-E's bar. She and Peyton go to investigate, and things quickly go sideways. Peyton drunkenly sings karaoke, which results in her getting into a bar fight. Meanwhile, Liv is confronted by Blaine and they briefly get into a fight, until Clive intervenes.

They determine that the zombie cure is still hidden in Frank's jacket, which was sent off to the dry cleaners. It turns out that Candy was the one who sent it off, taking the cure and traveling out of state with a man.

Other tidbits from the episode include:

  • The DOD reviews footage of the zombie attack, and debates whether or not to wipe New Seattle off of the map. Later, one of the generals watches her grandson watching Hi, Zombie, and they bond about it. She later votes against the measure to nuke New Seattle.
  • Ravi tells Liv that Martin is Beanpole Bob. She confronts him about it, and asks him for the Utopium formula, but doesn't have any luck. Ravi performs the autopsy on Bunny, but is interrupted by the arrival of Martin. He apologizes for not remembering the Utopium formula, but offers to work together to help him figure it out. Ravi reveals that Fillmore-Graves has access to Max Rager, which Martin finds suspicious. They break into his apartment while he's at an A&A meeting, and find files upon files of Utopium as well as a horde of Romero zombies.
  • Meanwhile, Major investigates a Fillmore-Graves janitor who used his keycard to steal Max Rager. Major later finds out that the janitor killed himself. Liv and Ravi suspect that Martin orchestrated the whole thing.
  • Don-E proposes to Darcy.
  • General Mills calls up Dolly Durkins, offering to strike up a partnership between them.


iZombie airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.