SDCC 2019 Panel Recap: Supergirl

Supergirl is one of the hottest shows on The CW, and Kara Danvers is ready to celebrating the show's success at San Diego Comic-Con 2019. You can check out all its biggest details below:


The panel kicks off with the moderator bringing in a series of special guests from Supergirl. Talent like Mellssa Benoist, Jon Cryer, Katie McGrath, David Harewood, Chlyer Leigh, and more.

A teaser trailer for season five is shown. It hints at some big moments like an identity reveal for Kara, her new pants-centric suit, and more.

The first question goes to the showrunners about the last season's comic-centric arcs. They are asked what could come next, and Robert Rovner says the season will focus on technology and how it focuses in on our lives. The villains will hone in on how technology dives into the public and how they can twist it to hurt others.

Cryer, who is moderating, asks about the crossover. He asks if Lex Luthor will be revived, and the showrunners confirm he will return. They have nothing else to say on that. However, McGrath says Lex deserved it.

The panel goes on to talk about new characters. Julie Gonzolo will play the new head of Catco as well as a journalist named William Day. Jesse Rath says his real life sister, Megan Rath, will join the show to play a female Brainiac.

As the panel continues, Benoist's new costume is mentioned in all its pants'd glory. The actress said it was partially due to logistics like it being very cold in Vancouver. But most importantly, they felt it was the most natural evolution for her.

The panel moves to Mehcad Brooks about his upcoming leave from the series. The actor said he's been around since day one, and he's never done a series where this many people get along this well for so long. He truly loves them, so it hard to leave. Getting choked up, Mehcad says he did not get to see a superhero like him growing up, but the team took a risk on his Jimmy Olsen. The show dealt with racism in the context of bullying has effected fans fo much, and Mehcad says this job has been the most important to him.

The panel continues with Nicole Maines talking about her last year on the show. She cannot believe she is able to be on the series period, and she is so glad to see her role turn into a superheroic one. She got to have all these cool powers and suits and tell awesome stories; She is now able to hear from people in her transgender community about how they can see themselves as superheroes now.

Cryer asks the panel if saying the superhero puns feel good, and Maines says that is a big yes. She loves puns, and she just really wants to knock someone out and say, "No screams, just dreams." Or even "I could do this in my sleep, and I usually do."

Moving to Leigh, the actress addresses if her character will adopt in this upcoming season. The actress says it is a big point for Alex's growth now that she has met someone on the same path as her. To be with someone who has the same dream changes things. Leigh said the process of adoption was talked about at length, so the team wanted to keep everything authentic.

The panel continues with discussion of the actors directing on the show. Harewood did so last year, and Benoist is slated to this next season. Harewood said he could not ask for a better way to start than with this crew, and he looks forward to doing it again this next season. As for Benoist, this is the first thing she has ever directed. She has been wanting to do it but was scared. However, she has got to know the tone so well, and she knew when it felt right. Benoist said she also couldn't help but envision what she would read in scripts would look like in her perspective, but she is still terrified even if it feels right.

Moving to Andrea Brooks, the actress thought she would just be some comedic relief, but she does have a thing for bad men. She describes her character as an onion given her triple agent status, and she even got to work with Cryer's Lex. The panel also teases the character will be pregnant, and conversation is had on whether that baby is Lex's kid. They tell fans to do the math so see if it works out.

One fan question asks when a plus-sized hero is coming to the show, and Sarah Schecter said soon. It is a point well taken.



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