Krypton Teases a Major DC Comics Group in Season 2 Finale

Krypton's second season has played with the DC Comics mythos in some pretty ways, but the show just dropped a pretty massive tease for what's to come.

Spoilers for the Season 2 finale of Krypton, "The Alpha and the Omega", below!

Midway through the episode, Nyssa (Wallis Day) used Adam Strange's (Shaun Sipos) Zeta Beam in an attempt to find Brainiac (Blake Ritson), who had kidnapped her son Jor-El earlier in the season. Nyssa was then transported to some sort of planet with a beach, although it was unclear exactly where she was. She eventually stumbled upon a rock that was adorned with a red symbol -- one that DC fans will surely recognize, as it belonged to the members of the Omega Men.

In the comics, the Omega Men are a group of extraterrestrial beings from the Vega system, 25 habitable planets which are ruled by the tyrannous Citadelians. Created by Marv Wolfman and Joe Staton in 1981, The Omega Men were founded as a group of rebels, who set out to fight the Citadelians. They also eventually became peacekeepers of their realm, seeing as the Green Lanterns had previously agreed to not enter Vegan space. Over the years, the group then crossed paths with Adam Strange, and factored into the Rann-Thanagar War.

The cast and crew of Krypton have been teasing the Omega Men almost since the show's inception, as the show's cosmic world grew more and more.

"The deal with the show is it's kind of this gateway into the DC science fiction universe," executive producer David Goyer shared last January. "Because also the Phantom Zone figures into this show, it means we can delve into other times and planets eventually."

"Any of these characters could eventually show up," Geoff Johns added.

While there's no telling exactly how the Omega Men could factor into Krypton's future, the notion of their live-action debut certainly opens up the unique mythos of the show even more.


"We introduce Superman and it's such a big part of the inciting incident that kicks off our story, that I think we still want to keep that idea alive to a point -- but also I feel like there's something liberating about now being on a very different path and seeing where that leads." showrunner Cameron Welsh told at the end of Season 1. "Whether it still leads to the same result, or whether it's something entirely different, it still kind of remains to be seen. I probably have my own thoughts on what I would prefer, but it's also something that I think, I would get in the room and discuss that with the rest of the writers and all of our creative partners, but it's a big question and it's a good question to ask. I think there's, there's probably a few different opinions on what would be the best way. Certainly, for now, I like the idea of exploring this particular timeline that is detached from the one that we all know."

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