DC Reveals SPOILER Is Pregnant

Batman: Curse of the White Knight is the sequel to Batman: White Knight, which saw the Joker lose his grip on Jack Napier thanks to medication and therapy and brought the character to the forefront of Gotham's reform. A bit part of that reform was Harley Quinn, who once again had the man she fell in love with in the first place, but eventually, their story came to an end once the Joker persona took back over Napier at the end of the book. Now Joker is trying to undo all of Napier's good deeds, and in the process of trying to stop him Batman learns there is more to the story.

Spoilers incoming for Batman: Curse of the White Knight #2, so if you haven't read it yet you've been warned.

At one point we see Batman reach out to Harley Quinn to help interrogate the Joker, and she reminds him he can't sneak up on her. When he asks for her help with the Joker, Harley says "I don't give two s**** about the Joker, Bats. You know that." When he asks about Jack Napier, she says "...Jack's gone."

Batman says she doesn't know that, but Harley then gets up and looks a bit uncomfortable with back pain. She then says "I can't go down this road again. My heart can't take it. Besides, I have other things to worry about."

(Photo: DC)

We then see her out of the shadows and without a newspaper in front of her, and you can clearly see she's pregnant. Batman is shocked by this too, saying out loud "you're pregnant!?!", which Harley perfectly responds to by saying "World's greatest detective."

You know Joker is going to find out eventually, especially if Batman gets Harley to help, and who knows, maybe the possibility of being a father will be enough to draw Napier back out.

You can check out the spoiler images above.

Batman: Curse of the White Knight is written by and drawn by Sean Murphy with colors by Matt Hollingsworth and letters by AndWorld Design. You can check out the official description for the issue below.


"The Joker’s plan is in full swing—with a single devastating secret and his puppet strings controlling the elites, the Clown Prince and his new recruit, Azrael, are ready to eliminate Batman and obliterate the Wayne family’s legacy. With Gotham City’s identity and institutions hanging in the balance, Gordon makes a surprising public announcement—but The Joker’s response will send the Bat-family and the GTO spiraling."

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