Joker Star Marc Maron Walks Back Insults of Superhero Movie Fans After Twitter Fight

It seems like every so often, the superhero fandom unites across Marvel and DC Comics party lines in a combined effort to take on an enemy who seems to have wronged those who happen to enjoy superheroes. It happened with Armie Hammer when he spoke out about people posting pictures with Stan Lee, it happened to Bill Maher when he seemingly tarnished the legacy of Stan Lee, and now it's happening to comedian and Joker actor Marc Maron. But the WTF Podcast host didn't insult Stan Lee, no — he insulted fans of superhero movies in general. And days later, he's still dealing with the backlash.

Many fans have called him a hypocrite for appearing in the DC Comics-based film because of his comments about superhero movies, but he's made it clear that he wouldn't turn down the opportunity to act in a film with Joaquin Phoenix and Robert De Niro. And after the latest trailer was released earlier this week, he continued mixing it up with radio host Morris O'Kelly.

Maron, whose comedy frequently targets his own insecurities and personal failings in his life, eventually backed away from his hostile stance toward fans and apologized. But that's not going to stop anyone from going for him for his comments.

O'Kelly and some supporters intimated that Maron's comments could hurt the box office potential of Joker , but that seems unlikely. The film is garnering major buzz from mainstream audiences, and angry people on Twitter aren't going to change that.


According to a report from Box Office Pro, the DC Comics movie was tracking to range between $60 million to $90 million at the domestic box office in its opening weekend, predicted to earn about $77 million in its three-day weekend. This puts Joker above both Aquaman and Shazam!, which made $67.8 million and $53.5 million in their opening weekends respectively.

Joker is set to release in theaters on October 4th.