Child's Batman v Superman Cosplay Puts the Man of Steel in His Place

One young Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice fan decided to put the Man of Steel in his place with some entertaining cosplay. donbosco2017 posted the image of the kid in a very intricate suit of Bat-Armor from the movie. (Look at the costume down below, the green glowing eyes is a nice touch as are the “metal” elements on their feet.) The funniest part of the entire costume has to be dragging a small mannequin of Superman around by the cape for practical effect. Scoring kudos at conventions is easy when there’s this much dedication to the bit. Also doesn’t hurt to have something planned that will make any Snyder-verse fan stop and take a picture of your look immediately.

Former Batman Ben Affleck would definitely approve if he saw this cosplay. He recently talked to GQ about his time under the cowl and other popular projects over the course of his career. Affleck had to thank Zack Snyder for bringing the idea of an older world-weary Batman to life. It was the director that brought the roadmap to the highly-sought-after star.

“Zack told me he basically wanted to do the tone of The Dark Knight Frank Miller series. Where he’s older, he’s kind of broken down and more vulnerable and I thought that was a really interesting approach to Batman,” Affleck explained. “As a guy who is vulnerable, as a guy who aches when he gets up in the morning, as a guy who feels a lot of psychological torment, I thought was a really interesting approach to playing a hero and that is what we wanted to do.”

COSPLAY: " You are not brave. Men are brave! It's time you learned what it means to be a man. " from r/DC_Cinematic

Even more revealing was the moment where the star admitted that he didn’t know how iconic Batman was to so many people. It can be hard to understate how overwhelming fandom can be, but once you witness the energy up close, the picture becomes clear.

“I don’t think I even realized how iconic the character was until I took the job, and then that was a big story,” he said. “And it happened at the time when the internet was expanding into the movie business into kind of a different way... the fan sites and the relationships with the fans, and the studios, and the comic book creators and stuff was changing and evolving.”

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