Deathstroke Animated Series Coming to CW Seed

05/16/2019 11:36 am EDT

The CW's Upfronts presentation are taking place today, giving fans and advertisers alike a look at what the network has in store for the next year. And based off of new comments from network president Mark Pedowitz, that includes a pretty awesome animated series.

During the presentation, Pedowitz revealed that a Deathstroke animated series is currently in the works for the network's streaming platform, CW Seed. No other details about the series were given.

Deathstroke has had a pretty storied history across film and television, with Manu Bennett portraying the character in The CW's Arrowverse of shows. It is unclear if Bennett will be reprising his role in the animated series, although fans will probably assume that that is the case, considering the unique stamp he has made on the character.

"Every time we add on a little bit of a layer here and there it helps kind of draw that story out." Bennett said during a 2017 convention appearance. "Sometimes I'm missing Arrow and there's been times when it's been a year and a half between getting back out there to film Oliver and the cast – Stephen [Amell] – but they made a really good job out of this last couple of episodes and that they humanized Slade rather than demonized the character was just such a relief for me because I've always been of the idea that Deathstroke from the DC Comics, Marv Wolfman's character, has more integrity just being a crazy Mirakuru guy."

Other portrayals of Deathstroke have included Joe Manganiello in Justice League, and Esai Morales set to play him in Season 2 of DC Universe's Titans.

"To be honest, when he was announced to do this role, I was very very happy for him." Bennett said of Manganiello's portrayal in 2017. "Of course, I was a little bit disappointed that I wouldn't get to do such a wonderful opportunity of getting onto that big screen with Deathstroke. But listen, I have had the wonderful opportunity to be a TV actor, and to spend the time it takes to cook a character. And sometimes, I don't think you get that chance when you're on the big screen. But as for Joe's ability to get up there and do this character, I'm behind him, I hope, as much as everybody else is behind him."

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