'Lucifer' Ratings Rise in Series Finale

After receiving the shock that their beloved show had been cancelled by FOX, Lucifer fans certainly showed up for the series finale on Monday night, causing a significant boost to the ratings.

The last episode of the series (provided another network doesn't pick it back up) landed 3.23 million live viewers on Monday night, earning a 0.8 rating in the coveted 18-49 demographic. According to TVLine, that's the largest audience Lucifer has had in nearly two months, and the highest demo rating in five episodes.

While the spike in ratings wasn't massive, it was more than enough to show FOX, and any other networks interested in the show, that the audience still has plenty left in the tank.

What's unfortunate is that the fans who tuned in were met with a major cliffhanger at the end of the finale, one that likely won't be resolved at any point given the cancellation.

WARNING: Major Lucifer spoilers ahead!

After defeating Pierce at the end of the episode, Lucifer revealed his wings, and his devil face, to Chloe for the very fist time. Just before she had a chance to react, the camera cut to black, and the series ended.

Showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich spoke with Deadline after the episode to reveal what they had in mind for Season Four, had they been given the chance by the network to make it.

"As you saw in the finale, Chloe saw Lucifer’s devil face," Henderson explained. "Finally, proof that Lucifer really is who he said he was. No turning back. Chloe knows the truth. So that was the big thrust of season 4 – exploring Chloe dealing with those ramifications, and how it affected her relationship with Lucifer. Both professionally and personally. Can you work with the Devil? Can you LOVE the devil?"


"And we also had an exciting character from Lucifer’s past who was going to come in and mix everything up," Modrovich added. "A very personal, intimate figure who we won’t reveal the identity of yet… until we find out if we get the chance to tell the tale on a new network."

Are you disappointed to see Lucifer end its tenure on TV? Do you think the spike in ratings is enough to convince another network to pick it back up? Let us know by dropping a line in the comment section below!