'The Flash' Set Photo Gives Another Look at Grant Gustin's New Suit

Fans of The Flash have a lot of reasons to be excited for the new season, as the show continues to embrace its DC Comics roots on The CW. Especially with the brand new costume gifted to Barry Allen from his future daughter.

In last season's finale, Nora Allen admits she's traveled back in time and can't return from the future, putting the present-day Team Flash in a predicament. But she helps her father by providing a piece of classic comic book lore, giving Barry a ring that contains a brand new Flash costume.

Timeline be damned, Nora has circumvented her father's future ingenuity and given him a device that many comic book fans are sure to be familiar with.

This photo provides another good look at the costume, giving a glimpse of how it will look in action when the show returns for Season Five. The costume debuted under somewhat controversial circumstances after someone leaked a test photo online.

After the photo brought on a controversy of body shaming as well as criticism of the costume's appearance, the original leaker backtracked and apologized to Gustin and the show's producers for posting it online.

"I was given the picture by an anonymous account that is now deleted," the post stated. "I didn't post it. I gave a description of which the leaker gave me. It was then leaked on 4chan and Reddit which then gave me the go to post it since it's out there. Of course, my dumb— watermarked it which I regret because people are going to think that I leaked it. Hope people understand it wasn't me that leaked it. It was leaked around 15-20 hours ago on Reddit/4Chan."

Gustin, though, has been excited for the new season, as he expressed in an interview at San Diego Comic-Con.


"In the first episode… I don’t want to tell you too much, but in the first episode, two things happen that I’ve wanted to happen for five years." Gustin told ComicBook.com at SDCC. "One of them is a huge action sequence that is out of the comics, and I remember thinking when I read that ‘We’ll never be able to do that. Which sucks, because that’s so cool.’ And we’re doing it, yeah. We’re doing it in the first episode. And I’m really excited about it, because I know our visual effects guys are going to kill it, and what we shot was awesome."

The fifth season of The Flash premieres on The CW on Tuesday, October 9.