'Arrow': Emily Bett Rickards Explains Why She Thinks Fans Love "Olicity"

The relationship between Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen -- best known as "Olicity" -- is one that has been a fan-favorite pretty much since the Arrow series premiere. Now, seven years later, the pairing faces their biggest hurdle yet with Oliver behind bars, but fans are still standing by their favorite pairing -- and Arrow star Emily Bett Rickards has a theory as to why.

In a recent interview with TV Guide Rickards, who plays Felicity on The CW series, explained that she thinks it's the relationship's honesty that resonates with fans.

"I hope that it's because it's honest and working towards a place of what we all sort of want and where we can see ourselves bettering ourselves," Rickards said. "I don't know what the magic equation is to writing something that hits somebody at a certain time. We're so grateful. I mean I really like them as a couple, I'm pro-them as a couple."

However, their couple status -- at least logistically -- has taken a big hit this season. At the end of Season 6, Oliver (Stephen Amell) made a deal with the FBI to go to prison for crimes as Green Arrow in exchange for immunity for Felicity and the rest of Team Arrow. It's something that has led to them having limited interaction for potentially a very long time, but it's that unpleasant turn that Rickards has a purpose for their relationship.

"I think the way that they communicate and talk to each other is about them growing," Rickards said. "That's not always interesting to watch on TV... it's not always great to watch happy things on TV all the time, even comedy has very dark themes, but there is such a purpose towards them working as a couple and working through it. I hope that's what grounds people to their relationship."

Grounded or not, Oliver and Felicity's struggles are only going to be more difficult as the season progresses, something showrunner Beth Schwartz says will be very "authentic".

"For their arc [this season], what I like about it the most is we're really going for the real struggles in marriage, so that's kind of where we're approaching their relationship," Schwartz said. "It's going to feel really authentic."


Of course, even with it being authentic, fans are no doubt looking forward to Felicity and Oliver reuniting -- especially since we now have some idea of when in the future Felicity dies and just how complicated life gets thanks to the flash forwards.

Arrow airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.