After Batman V Superman Decline, Warner Bros. Reportedly May Be Releasing Fewer Films

(Photo: Warner Bros.)

Rumors abound that the 69% plunge of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in its second week will mean a reshaping of Warner Bros. upcoming superhero focused movie slate.

The studio has numerous DC Comics-based films in development for the next few years, including Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and of course the Justice League films. Batman V Superman has been successful to be sure, but not as successful as say The Avengers or Jurassic World. Talk is that might sway the studio to put some of those projects on the shelf for the time being.

One quote from the head of a rival studio said "The biggest problem is that it is not turning [DC] into Marvel. The audience has communicated, as have the critics."

While the rumors will probably never be silenced, THR reports that sources with firsthand knowledge say that is indeed not the plan, at least at this time. They're going to make adjustments sure, but not by catapulting Zack Snyder or getting rid of future films in mass. Still, if Suicide Squad fails to ignite the interest Warner Bros. is hoping for, you can bet it will be a hot topic once again.

via THR

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