Alfred Meets All 'Justice League' Heroes In Deleted Scene

A deleted scene from Justice League has surfaced online, showcasing Alfred's first encounter with all of the heroes.

The scene, like many others, was left out of the theatrical release of Justice League. It must have been cut early on in the process, given Cyborg's incomplete computerization. It does, however, appear to be a fun little sequence where Jeremy Irons' Alfred is shocked to see the characters making up Bruce Wayne's super team. Maybe it's not exactly what he had in mind?

Check out the deleted scene from Justice League in the tweet below.

It is easy to assume the scene was cut as a result of the director swap between Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon late into Justice League's production. Batman actor Ben Affleck, however, will disagree.


"People don't understand how much of the film is designed in pre," Affleck said. "I found as a director you can maybe change 10 percent, 15 percent on the day. We really had Zack's ship set sail for us. We were fortunate in that when Zack was unable to continue, we got a guy who. I got the sense that Joss was working from what he had discussed with Zack before he stepped in."

Justice League is now playing in theaters and is expected to arrive on iTunes later this month.