Batman, Superman, And More Brawl It Out In Canceled Justice League Video Game Footage

More footage from Double Helix’s canceled Justice League video game has surface online. We’ve [...]

green lantern a justice league game

More footage from Double Helix's canceled Justice League video game has surface online. We've seen battles between Batman and Superman and Bizarro and Bane in previous footage, but the new footage provides a clearer look at the games' single player experience, and the new direction it was heading in before being canceled.

The game was originally meant to coincide with the release of the canceled 2007 Justice League movie, but the video game project continued even after the film was scrapped. Without a film to tie into, the game refocused itself on Green Lantern, who was undergoing a popularity boom thanks to Geoff Johns run on the comic book. The game was retitled Green Lantern: A Justice League Game, but still featured other League members, like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and the Flash.

The video shows unfinished videos and some rough graphics and gameplay, and has some placeholder voice acting, but it's nowhere near a finished product. The scenes include a battle between Green Lantern and Mongul, Wonder Woman and SInestro (with a pack of OMACs), The Flash and an Eclipso possessed Batman, and Superman and Green Lantern teaming up against Eclipso and Bizarro. There's also a glimpse at the game's versus mode, where Eclipso takes on Cyborg Superman.

The game doesn't exactly look like it would have blown anyone's minds, or receieved the attention or acclaim that the Batman Arkham series has, but it might have been a comparable to Marvel's Ultimate Alliance franchise. Either way, it's an interesting look at what could have been.