Batman V Superman Passes Man of Steel at the Global Box Office


While Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice's 68% drop at the domestic box office might make it feel like the film is breathing Kryptonite gas, international numbers are strong enough that in just over a week, the the movie has already surpassed the global box office haul of Man of Steel, the movie that kicked off DC's "Extended Universe" and introduced the world to Henry Cavill's Superman.

Here in the U.S. Batman V Superman is still about $30 million short of Man of Steel's all-time domestic box office ($291 million), but worldwide, the film has grossed more than $682 million -- nearly $15 million better than Man of Steel did during its 14 weeks in theaters.

The movie will likely pass Man of Steel's domestic total by the end of next weekend as well, making it the highest-grossing Superman film on record, but it's unlikely to touch The Dark Knight or The Dark Knight Rises, both of which grossed over $1 billion globally.

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