Candice Patton Reacts to All-Male Line of New 'The Flash' Funko Pops!

Funko's new line of The Flash POPs are fantastic looking, but there's one big absence that fans couldn't help but notice, and Candice Patton has noticed it too.

The new line of Flash POPs includes Barry Allen (running), Kid Flash (running), Vibe, and Jay Garrick, and they all look fantastic. Unfortunately, there isn't an Iris West POP in the mix, something that fans and Patton have long shown a desire for. Patton shared an image with the new POPs with the caption, "Look at all these men 🌚."

Characters don't come more integral than Iris West is to Flash, and fans have expressed interest in a POP of the character for some time. In fact, this isn't the first time Patton has also expressed interest, as fans shared a screenshot of a previous tweet from @hollyanderson30 showing a custom Iris West concept POP. Patton shared it with the caption "it's time" and a winking emoji. That was in February of this year, so it had to be a bit of a bummer not to see herself in the new assortment.

Sure, we all love the Flash, but did we really need three different male speedsters in the set? Kid Flash or Jay Garrick could've easily waited and made room for Iris.

Fans are hoping for an Iris POP too, as @CandicanesU shared the concept image with the caption, "@TheFlashPodcast @AndyBehbakht: who do fans have to talk to to get an Iris West-Allen Funko pop? Is it true, @DCComics @warnerbrostv @WBHomeEnt, that it's a licensing issue and who makes the decision ? Millions of fans have $ ready. Thanks! #TheFlash."

Now, Funko has released single POPs after a wave has been released, so they very well might have an Iris West POP in the developmental stages or just coming later on. Unfortunately, there's no way to know that for sure, so here's hoping that Funko clears things up in a more official capacity.


The fifth season of The Flash will debut on Tuesday, Oct. 9th, at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

Are you hoping Funko makes an Iris West POP? Would you buy one? Let us know in the comments!