Could Haley Bennett Be The DCEU's Catwoman?

With plans to grow the DC Extended Universe, Warner Bros. has plenty of work ahead of it. The company has experienced ups-and-downs in its partnership with DC Films, but fans are hoping that relationship with soon turn. In 2017, highly anticipated films like Wonder Woman and Justice League are set to drop, and the two blockbusters could make or break the DCEU’s future. Films like Aquaman and The Flash are already underway, and projects like Gotham City Sirens have been given the green-light by Warner Bros. And, now, the Internet is buzzing over whether one starlet has just teased her involvement with the movie.

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Over on Instagram, netizens began to pay close attention to actress Haley Bennett after she posted a series of pictures on her profile. A few days ago, Bennett shared an inconspicuous picture of Catwoman without any caption or explanation. The photo put Bennett on the radar of sleuthing fans, and their hackles were only provoked further when the actress then posted a picture of her donning Selena Kyle’s traditional pixie cut.

“This is me now,” she said about her new hairstyle, and fans were quick to question whether Bennett may be involved with Gotham City Sirens.

After all, the upcoming DCEU project will be the awaited spin-off film focusing on Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn. When the film was made official, director David Ayer hinted that Poison Ivy and Catwoman will also star in the film. Rumors have run rampant than Megan Fox is being eyed to play Poison Ivy and bringing in Bennett to play Catwoman would be a welcome move.

The actress began to solidify her place in Hollywood just last year thanks to her work on films like The Magnificent Seven and The Girl on the Train. Bennett would give critical push to Gotham City Sirens, and her age is close enough to Robbie’s to give the women equal footing on-screen.

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This is me now. @garrennewyork

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Of course, fans cannot be sure about Bennett and her rumored involvement with Gotham City Sirens or any DCEU project until Warner Bros. comments on it officially. Still, fans are keeping their ears to the ground about the film. Last December, reports began to surface that Gotham City Sirens could begin filming as soon as Summer 2017, and the expedited schedule would necessitate casting to be solidified in early spring.

Justice League is set to hit theaters on November 17, 2017.