Never Before Seen Titans Season One Post Credit Scene With Nightwing Revealed

Another week and more evidence of the original Titans Season 1 finale has cropped up online. A post-credit scene with Nightwing font and center made its way onto Facebook with a cheeky reference to the Snyder Cut of Justice League. Much has been made about showrunner Greg Walker and the creative team’s decisions around the end of that first season. Taking elements from that ending and turning it into the jumping-off point for Season 2 was an interesting direction. As was completely tweaking the final fight of the first salvo with Trigon as well. Fans that might have been dissatisfied with the final product look toward these scrapped plans with a bit of wistfulness. But, things are different now heading into Season 3. Nightwing is here and that was a big moment. In addition, it looks like Titans found more of its footing in Season 2 and that bodes well for whatever comes next. (Provided the universe comes back after Crisis on Infinite Earths…)

Large swaths of Season 2 have served to get Dick Grayson prepared to finally become Nightwing. That choice has been a success among fans of Titans in a big way. Images of the trademark black and blue suit surfaced and the fandom collectively lost their minds at the reveal. (Some of that might boil down to that wagon that Grayson exhibits…) Greg Walker and his crew knew this was a mountain they had to climb heading into Season 3, and he told EW about how it all unfolded.

“Where we meet him in episode 1 of the show is, he’s in exile from his dysfunctional relationship with Bruce Wayne [Iain Glen],” the showrunner continued. “He’s really ambivalent about being Robin at all. At one point he burns the suit. So he has a real complicated relationship with the suit… We always felt that he needed to go on season 2 as this kind of journey of recognizing what mistakes he made in the past, assessing himself, trying to figure out his relationship with Bruce, and then evolving past Robin. Because if he’s not Robin anymore, then who he is?”

“The goal was always “to navigate a path towards Nightwing,” Walker shared. “It’s a personal journey that he needs to go on. So he goes on this atonement journey in the last third of the season, trying to figure out who he is and what his relationship to heroism is and what his relationship is to the other Titans. That’s what we were going for the whole time. We felt like we needed to think about it on a character level rather than having him show up and be like, ‘Awesome suit, right?’”

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