Is A Batman Family Civil War About To Break Out?

It looks like Gotham's Knights are on the brink of collapse, but that might not be the worst thing on the horizon.

Warning, spoilers incoming for Detective Comics #974, so if you haven't read the issue yet you've been warned.

Facing more destruction and possible deaths at the hand of a crazed Clayface, Batwoman uses the special weapon her father gave her to shoot him with a custom bullet. That bullet dissolves the very particles he manipulates, and while it stops his rampage, it also kills him.

As he turns to lifeless clay in Cassandra's hands, Batman chases down Batwoman and shatters the weapon. An argument ensues, as the Bat-family has always had an unwavering no-kill policy. Robin and Spoiler join in as well, with Batwoman defending her case.

(Photo: DC Comics)

"Batman had plenty of chances to find another way. I saw what was going to happen. I determined the action that would save the most lives, and I took it. Any police officer or soldier would make the same call and they would be commended. I was taught the rules of engagement, and it was time to engage."

Robin counters by saying "The idea is we're supposed to be better than all that", but Batwoman points out "there isn't always time to be better. I would make the same decision again in an instant."

(Photo: DC Comics)

After an encounter with a grieving Cassandra, who rips off Kate's bat-symbol, Batman tells Batwoman that he thinks it would be best for her to take a break from active duty, also saying that they will deal with what she did later. That doesn't sit so well with an arriving Batwing and Azrael, who seem to be on her side.

"Hold up. Batwoman just saved the city from King Clayface over there, and you're dismissing her?"

When Robin says "there are lines we don't cross, Batwing," Batwing replies "Yeah? Is winning one of those lines?"

Azrael isn't as aggressive as Batwing but still feels this is "unwise". Batman then throws down a gauntlet of sorts, saying "if you want to leave with are welcome to do so."

It seems this team is starting to come apart, but if things keep going they might end up taking their disagreement even further, and that would be bad news for Gotham.

You can see the spoiler images above.

Detective Comics #974 is written by James T Tynion IV with art by Jesus Merino and covers by Guillem March and Rafael Albuquerque. The official description is included below.


“KNIGHT’S FALL! Can Tim Drake piece his dreams back together after Batwoman’s fateful decision, or will the Gotham Knights go their separate ways?"

Detective Comics #974 is in comic shops now.