'Justice League' Opening Weekend Box Office Adjusted Down

The disappointing opening weekend box office performance for Justice League just got a bit more [...]

The disappointing opening weekend box office performance for Justice League just got a bit more disappointing.

Yesterday, Warner Bros. released estimates that Justice League would make $96 million in its opening weekend. However, the actuals are now in and Justice League fell $2 million short of studio projections for a true opening weekend total of $94 million.

Justice League fell well short of initial industry projections, which had the film pegged to open to between $100 million and $120 million.

This makes Justice League the smallest opening weekend yet for a DC Films release. By comparison, Man of Steel opened to $116.6 million, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice earned $166 million in its first weekend, Suicide Squad earned $133.7 million in its opening weekend, and Wonder Woman has a record-breaking $103.2 million opening weekend.

Justice League will become just the eighth-highest opening weekend of 2017, just behind The Fate of the Furious (and will likely be bumped down at least one more spot when Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens in December), and the 56th-highest grossing opening of all time, just behind Guardians of the Galaxy.

The film will face some new competition next weekend when Pixar's Coco, the highest-grossing film in Mexico of all time which touts a 96 percent Rotten Tomatoes score, opens in theaters.

Justice League is showing a somewhat stronger showing overseas, where the film made an estimated $185 million in its first weekend.

Justice League cost an estimated $300 million to make. The film has been poorly received by critics, which may have contributed to its dwindling prospects. That said, the fan reaction has been somewhat stronger than the critical reception.

ComicBook.com's own Brandon Davis was impressed with Justice League and what it could mean for the DC Extended Universe.

"Justice League is an epic ensemble of heroes," Davis wrote in his review. It's the most fun you'll have with Batman and his super friends, until their next adventure together, and marks the beginning of a brand new era of superheroes on the DC side of the spectrum."

Justice League is now playing in theaters. The film will be followed in the DC Extended Universe by Aquaman on December 21, 2018, Wonder Woman 2 on November 1, 2019, Shazam on April 5, 2019, Cyborg in 2020, and Green Lantern Corps in 2020.