'Justice League's Henry Cavill Talks Black Superman Suit and How Clark Kent Could Return

Fans have been wondering how Clark Kent will return in the upcoming Justice League as well as what that could mean for the future of the DC Extended Universe, and according to Henry Cavill, the comics might just hold the key to what and how Clark Kent comes back.

Cavill told Miami's WSVN-TV's Chris Van Vliet that while there are a variety of options that could be explored when it comes to Clark Kent's return, the DC Comics Rebirth titles might provide a possible avenue for the character's return because how different that version of the character is.

"Clark Kent," Cavill said. "Have you read the Rebirth comics? Rebirth comics, it's a very different style of Clark Kent and Superman. He actually has a son as well with Lois and they live in a different place. It's a very different lifestyle and relationship going on there so there's an opportunity there for that, but there's so many different other opportunities as well where we can express and play with what and who Clark is."

Considering that Superman -- and by extension Clark -- died at the end of Batman v Superman and Martha Kent ended up giving Lois an envelope with an engagement ring Clark planned to give to her, it would be quite a jump to see a restored Clark Kent and Lois settled down with a family, but what has been less of a jump for fans to consider is that Justice League will see Cavill's Superman don the black suit.

Last August, Cavill posted an closeup of what appeared to be the chest of Superman's black suit. In comics, the black suit was made popular in The Death of Superman where, after being killed by Doomsday, Superman returns to life wearing the black suit. The suit was designed to allow the hero to absorb more of the sun's energy and get back up to strength quickly. With the threat that Steppenwolf poses in Justice League, a risen Superman would need to get up to fighting speed and fast. When asked about Superman's return and, specifically, that suit, Cavill was careful not to reveal too much.

"That's exactly how it appears," Cavill said when asked if it was a black suit. "I mean, it appears to be a black suit, right?"

He also wasn't clear about whether he was wearing the suit when the photo was taken, though it certainly sounds like he at the very least tried.

"It's very difficult to take a picture of your own 'S' with a phone like that," he admitted. "It's hard to get that angle. But I may have been."


Fans won't have to wait too much longer to see how Superman returns and what variation of suit he's wearing when he does. Justice League will hit theaters in just a few more weeks on November 17, 2017.

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