Kevin Smith Has Gone Vegan

Filmmaker Kevin Smith has undergone a dramatic transformation since his near-fatal heart attack earlier this year. His dramatic weight loss is perhaps the most visible and he's been vocal about his dietary changes as well, but now Smith is officially calling himself vegan -- and revealed an interesting perk to his new, animal-free lifestyle.

In a recent post on Twitter, Smith revealed that becoming vegan had "finally paid off" for him, but not in a health-related way. Instead, his new plant-based life led him to a fun celebrity sighting. Check it out below.

"Being Vegan has finally paid off: I just saw Jeff Goldblum at my local @VeggieGrill! Makes sense that he's plant-based, considering he was almost eaten that one time..." Smith wrote, complete with a GIF of Goldblum from Jurassic Park, being chased by a T-rex.

This isn't the first time Smith has talked about his vegan dietary choices. He's been very open about the adjustments he's had to make in his life since surviving his heart attack earlier this year but had been a little reluctant to declare himself fully vegan. During an episode of his Hollywood Babble-On back in March, Smith talked about the eating program he was following at the time as well as how he was calling himself a non-animal eater, at least at the time.

"No more animal-related products," Smith said. "My kid is thrilled because she's a vegan, she's like, 'welcome home brother.' This doesn't come from a personal philosophy, this comes from an 'I have to.' I don't know if I call myself a vegan, maybe a non-animal eater. The program is so far manageable."

It seems, though, six months on from that podcast the vegan label has stuck. Interestingly, though, despite his lifestyle change and impressive weight loss, one name that isn't going anywhere anytime soon is "fatman", as in the title of one of his other podcasts. Smith's Fatman on Batman podcast recently underwent a name change, though it was the Batman name that they dropped.


“The next live show, we’re going to do on Batman Day, which is September 15,” Smith said. “Mark your calendars: that will be the official launch of Fatman Beyond, which as a title I think works on a couple of different levels. Not only is it a nod to the Batman universe which of course spawned this show, but it is ‘Fatman, Beyond.’ Not just like, hey, he’s beyond a fat man now, or something like that, but it started as one thing and it’s gone beyond that, it’s become something different.”

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