Legends of Tomorrow May Have Just Brought a NSFW Ant-Man Theory to Life in "Meet the Legends"

Late last year when the trailer for the fifth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow was released it prompted a particularly wild moment of fan speculation that the Legends may just take a viral fan theory from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and bring it to life in the wacky way that only Legends can. That theory? The idea that Ant-Man could destroy Thanos by shrinking down, crawling up Thanos's violet backside, and then grow to Giant Man size, ending the Mad Titan once and for all. Well, as it turns out, the Legends have their own spin on that in tonight's Season 5 premiere.

Spoilers for tonight's Season 5 premiere of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, "Meet the Legends", below.

Tonight's episode sees the Legends dealing with Rasputin who has somehow come back to life in 1917, thus causing an issue in the timeline. The Legends, who are also being filmed for a documentary which complicates things even further. As things continue to get more challenging for the team as Rasputin is infamously unkillable and, on top of that, has hypnotized several members of the team to turn against Sara and Ava. After a brief fight, Ray ends up shrunk down to small sizes and that's where the Ant-Man/Thanos theory comes to life - Legends style.

Sara encourages Rasputin to "ham it up" for the camera and when he does, she throws Ray into Rasputin's mouth. Ray then comes to in the man's stomach and, on Sara's command, embiggens and explodes Rasputin. The bad guy is now goo, which they collect and store in jars on the Waverider.

It's a little bit graphic (well, graphic in The CW terms) but it offers a hilarious twist on the Ant-Man/Thanos theory. Of course, just because Ray can blow up Rasputin doesn't mean that the Ant-Man theory would have worked on the Mad Titan.

"Listen, here's the thing," Avengers: Endgame co-director Joe Russo said an in interview with ComicBook.com. "Thanos is incredibly strong. His skin is almost impervious. The question would be what would happen to Ant-Man if he did that. Would it work? Would it not work? If it didn't work, it would be really bad."

"Thanos could take a punch from the Hulk, we've seen that. And it stands to reason his whole body is at least as strong as that," Endgame co-writer Christopher Markus jokingly added during an appearance on the Empire Podcast. "If Ant-Man expanded, he would be simply crushed against the immovable walls of Thanos’ mighty rectum."


At least it worked for the Legends.

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