Phil Klemmer Promises An Answer to Justice Society Questions on Legends of Tomorrow

One of the most welcome additions to Legends of Tomorrow in its sophomore season has been the Justice Society of America. The golden-age superhero team has been a mainstay of comic book canon for years, with a rotating cast of members. In Legends of Tomorrow, the JSA slate has included Stargirl, Obsidian, Doctor Mid-Nite, Commander Steel, Hourman, and now-Legends team member Vixen.

The team's appearance has mainly been constrained to a brief appearance in the season premiere, as well as in the aptly-named second episode of the season, 'The Justice Society of America'. While an older version of Obsidian did visit the group when then traveled to the 1980s in 'Compromised', appearances from the JSA members have been scarse in the episodes since.

In an interview with TVLine, Phil Klemmer, co-showrunner of Legends, reassured fans that they haven't seen the last of the JSA. According to Klemmer, "We’ll get to figure out what happened to the JSA [in the coming episodes], because we haven’t really touched on them recently."

This should be welcome news to fans wondering about the lingering questions surrounding the JSA, such as what exactly happened to the team in the years after Amaya left, a topic briefly touched on by the older Obsidian when he is revisited by Amaya and Nate.

Klemmer added that the inclusion of the JSA in Legends' sophomore season has taken the show in what he sees as a positive direction, using the show's element of time travel to really focus on history.

"We want to make history fun, you know? Looking back on it, pages of history get sort of dry and brittle but when the Legends come into town, you're able to find the absurdity in horrible moments. We have episodes that are literally the most tragic moments in history and we have horrible, horrible things happening, but our Legends bring humanity to it.

We're not making fun of the history, but we're trying to enjoy the ride. We knew we wanted to do that even before we started the season. That was the raison d'etre of bringing these Legends back together. That's why we put a historian on the team; that's why we had Nate join the team, that's why we picked up a member of the JSA with Amaya. We knew we wanted this to be, as opposed to the more serialized season one, the more poppy 'What's the time period of the week? Who's the person we get to meet?'"

With that historical element remaining a central fixture of the rest of the season, the possibilities of when the Legends will travel to next - and when they will run into the JSA again - are endless.