Suicide Squad Director Apologizes for Saying "F--k Marvel"

The Suicide Squad is about a year away from release and fans are still looking for David Ayer to apologize for something he said when he directed Suicide Squad. Back in 2016, the director shouted, “F— Marvel” after a fan shouted it during a panel. Well, the director got reminded of the incident again on social media and decided to apologize again. The rivalry between DC Comics and Marvel is still raging between the fans, but the creators behind the two powerhouses have downplayed that element as of late. (Well, not you Donny Cates!) But, it is probably a good look to try and clear the air before anything else gets dredged up and used against Ayer. He tapped out this response on Twitter.

“Yes and I immediately regretted it. I apologized and had a nice exchange with Stan Lee. What else can I do? All sins are forgivable, right?”

This isn’t the first time that Ayer has apologized for that lapse in judgement. He tweeted back in 2016, "Sorry about getting caught up in the moment and saying f*ck Marvel. Someone said it. I echoed. Not cool. Respect for my brother filmmakers."

So, the respect has been developed over time as Marvel’s Joe Quesada stepped up to defend the director after some of the company’s fans took major offense to the comment. Also, Ayer’s had time to reflect and admitted that some people might take the rivalry too seriously. But, in the end that passion is what drives this fandom and a number of hobbies.

“Well, I think that’s part of the fun of this. You know it’s a little bit like football squads. You get to root for your team." Ayer explained, “Some people root for both teams.” And, clearly, there is some proof to support what he’s saying in that regard.


Looking forward to the future of the Suicide Squad as a franchise, James Gunn revealed that he had spoken to Ayer during an Instagram Q&A as he gets ready to make The Suicide Squad. The director wrote, “David Ayer is a great guy [and] we have discussed and I’ve told him what we’re up to with The Suicide Squad at least a little bit.” It will be interesting to see how this movie departs from the 2016 entry and the cast has made inferences that they have really enjoyed the changes that Gunn has made so far. People are looking forward to seeing what that giant cast of actors can do with the concept.

The Suicide Squad gets the gang back together on August 6, 2021.