Watchmen Theory May Reveal Who Is Actually Doctor Manhattan

HBO's Watchmen gives fans plenty of things to think about. While the show has the primary mystery of who killed Tulsa Police Chief Judd Crawford (and why) to unravel, there are a lot of other mysterious threads and stories that create the fabric of the Damen Lindelof series. Unsurprisingly, then, over on the Watchmen subreddit, fans have been having a good time exploring theories, many of which center on the enigmatic, naked blue god, Doctor Manhattan. Until he was confirmed to be Adrian Veidt, some fans thought Jeremy Irons's character might be Doctor Manhattan in disguise, and some believe that new-to-TV character Lady Trieu is trying to build a time machine (or at least a time viewer) that will allow everyday people to interact with time the way Doctor Manhattan does.

The latest such theory suggests -- once again -- that Doctor Manhattan has disguised himself as an everyday person. This time, though, the theory centers on Calvin Abar, Angela's husband. You can see the details below.

I Believe We Have Already Seen Doctor Manhattan In The Show And He Is.... from r/Watchmen

It's interesting that at this point, users are more or less taking for granted that the throwaway line suggesting Manhattan couldn't make himself look like a regular person is there just to be a misdirect, and that his being able to take on the appearance of a normal human is entirely within his power set. It was Calvin who said that line, so if we are to take it as a clue, it isn't unreasonable to think that maybe Calvin is the one dropping the clue and not just the writers.

It is a compelling enough argument, especially if you are making the argument just for fun. We aren't quite as sure as the original poster is the the wrinkles/details on Calvin's knuckles is the slam-dunk that he's Manhattan, but we can see why he might think so. In any event, the notion of Doctor Manhattan trying to live among regular people, but being drawn to a woman who is a costumed adventurer, is not exactly unprecedented.


And for anybody who thought Adrian Veidt's mansion was something like the structure on Mars that Manhattan kept building and then unbuilding, what about that giant magnetic, floating mansion being assembled back in episode two by Cal and Angela's adoptive son?

Regardless of the answer, fans can watch the mystery continue to unfold with Watchmen airing Sundays at 9/8c on HBO.