Wonder Woman #1 Review - The Lies Part One

Wonder Woman Rebirth

Wonder Woman #1 finds Diana in a rather desperate place. So desperate in fact, that she seeks out help from a very unlikely source.

Diana's journey is definitely the more interesting storyline long term, but in this issue, it does feel like the backup story, with Rucka's introduction of Steve Trevor and Etta Candy monopolizing more of the book's time.

WW1 Trevor Etta
(Photo: DC Comics)

It's worth it too, as one of Wonder Woman's biggest Achilles heels over the years has been underdeveloped or a disappearing supporting cast. When I say she's the backup story, I don't mean to give it a negative connotation. Here it actually works. We know Rucka can write a fantastic Wonder Woman, but her supporting cast can be a bit hit and miss.

The time we do see Diana is filled with an uneasiness, at least from the reader's point of view, and all that credit goes to the magnificent pencils of Liam Sharp. His Diana is all at once powerful and stunning and is quickly becoming my new favorite rendition of the iconic Amazon. Martin's colors give everything just the softest of touches, and the jungle they create reaps the benefits of both their talents.

WW1 Pile of Bones
(Photo: DC Comics)

As for Steve Trevor, I love where Rucka starts us off with him. His relationship with Diana is complicated, and in one particular scene, you get the feeling that he is the most affected by this missing time. That, or he just likes old photographs. I've actually never been a fan of this couple. Not really for one particular reason, but more so they just never clicked with me. For the fist time, I sense that changing.

The first issue also ends with a reunion of sorts, but no spoilers here.

Overall Rucka, Sharp, and the rest of the creative team have given fans a very lost and confused Wonder Woman, but in all likelihood with the intent of building a much more human Wonder Woman, and that is something I couldn't be more on board with.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars


Written By: Greg Rucka - Art By: Liam Sharp

Colors By: Laura Martin - Letters By: Jodi Wynne