Brian Michael Bendis Addresses Young Justice Cancellation Rumors

DC released its September 2019 solicitations on Friday and very quickly fans noticed a very interesting detail: the popular Wonder Comics title Young Justice was notably missing. Almost immediately, fans began to speculate that the title is being cancelled. However, according to writer Brian Michael Bendis there's nothing to worry about. The comic isn't going anywhere.

Over on Twitter, a fan asked Bendis if Young Justice might be taking a month off and Bendis replied, citing a clerical error in his reassurance that Young Justice was not only continuing, but that he'd be sharing some preview art for issue #9 soon as well.

For fans of Young Justice, the update that the issue will, in fact, be landing in shops in September is sure to be a relief and it means that comics fans have a lot to look forward to in September. Announced last week, DC is launching Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium from Bendis and artist Ryan Sook, a two-part monthly comic that will feature an immortal protagonist moving through various disparate DC futures. The series will see the heroine encounter a host of DC heroes form the future, including a near-future version of Supergirl drawn by Jim Lee, Batman Beyond drawn by Dustin Nguyen, Kamandi drawn by Andrea Sorrentino, and Tommy Tomorrow drawn by André Lima Araújo, as she spends 1,000 years journeying across the DC universe.


The series is one that Bendis told that he's excited about, especially for Legion fans.

"Listen, what I'm so excited about this Legion/Millennium project in particular, is that the Legion fans who have been waiting...we wanted to give them something special, for the wait, all right? I know it wasn't my fault they were waiting, but, I'm like, 'yeah! We were all waiting together, let's make this a real something, a unique storytelling experience that you deserve.'" Bendis said. "So this lead-up is such a celebration of DC Comics' art and history, and at the same time its future, that I was like, 'Yeah, this feels like a Legion-worthy launch.'"