League of Legends: Sneaky's Temporary Twitch Ban Explained

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Twitch is a great way for professional League of Legends players to show a more personal side of their lives. When they're up on stage, wherever that stage may be, they are limited to just playing the game and then having the occasional interview or two throughout the split.

Zachary "Sneaky" Scuderi, a League of Legends fan favorite, was recently banned from Twitch for 24 hours because he violated Twitch's Terms of Service. During his stream, Sneaky decided to let a song play from a donation that was overly offensive.

The song in question, although meant to be humorous, can definitely cross lines as it throws racial slurs throughout. That's what exactly violated the Terms of Service.

According to WWG's League of Legends Writer and Analyst, this is completely expected. "I don't understand how this could possible come as any surprise," said Bates.

Bates has never been a fan of Sneaky's Twitch persona and said, "I avoid Sneaky's stream like the plague because of the vile levels of immaturity that is the norm there. While I haven't heard an offensive song (I usually watch non-esports streams with mute on) I've seen plenty of offensive donation call outs, just like I have on most streams."

According to Bates, getting a big name streamer banned may start a chain reaction and finally have Twitch take a look at one of their longest running issues. "The perhaps grim reality is that such things do, in fact, breach the Terms of Service for Twitch which is a problem that Twitch has largely ignored until now, but will eventually be too big to keep sweeping under the rug. Twitch chat can and will remain a vile hive of scummbaggery, but that doesn't mean that the streamers have a free pass to join in the villainy."

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