Friday The 13th: The Game Players Aren't Thrilled With Retro Jason


As an apology for a rough start, some free content for Friday the 13th: The Game was announced earlier this week, free content that includes a new Jason skin, a bunch of customization points, and a double XP weekend. However, some of the players are a bit divided in how they're receiving the content.

When the announcement video was posted on the game's FIX outlets, it showed that a new Jason skin would be added, a blue and purple Retro Jason from the Friday the 13th NES game. Since before the game was released, fans have been suggesting that the Retro Jason should make an appearance as one of the playable Jasons, many saying that they'd be totally fine with paying for it in future DLC. This recoloring of Jason isn't exactly what some people had in mind, though.

"Calling this half-assed is an insult to the half-assed workmanship," one upset player by the name of horrorshowjack said on Reddit in a thread showing the unmasked version of Retro Jason. "They didn't even bother changing his appearance in the cutscenes, and his special music is quieter than the regular cues. Although apparently you can't hear it when you're playing Jason so I guess it doesn't matter."

The issue that many are taking with this version of Jason is that players hoped it would be a brand new Jason with unique advantages and disadvantages as well as a unique set of kills. This Jason isn't that, though, it's a recoloring of the Part 3 Jason. That's what one would expect a skin — a cosmetic change — to be, but Gun Media also referred to the hellish Savini Jason as a skin, but that Jason was completely standalone from the others. The intro where the Jason player is revealed also wasn't changed to reflect the Retro Jason's entrance, and the music that was composed for the character can't be heard if you're playing as Jason. To top that all off, the Retro Jason was first said to have new music and at least one new killin a post from Gun Media's Ben Strauss, the statement about the kill later being refuted by the game's team as a miscommunication.

With this Retro Jason recoloring out, some are also worried that the possibility of a fully fleshed-out Retro Jason is now gone.

"As someone who really wanted nesjason in the game, I'm pretty unhappy about this Retro Jason because it means we will probably never get a good nesjason now, user ulong2874 said. "The door is locked."

The game's Twitter account wasn't free of complaints, but there are still many tweets replying to the game's posts defending the developers and the content, saying that it's free and they didn't have to give it to players at all.

Aside from the Retro Jason addition, the game will also be having a double XP weekend starting June 23, and players will be getting 13,000 CP and some new Counselor outfits to customize their characters with.