Junichi Masuda is Coming to Pokemon Go Fest

One of the Pokemon franchise's chief architects is coming to Pokemon Go Fest this weekend. Junichi Masuda, the composer of the Pokemon franchise's iconic soundtrack, announced he would be in Chicago this weekend for Pokemon Go's first ever live event. Masuda will hinted that he would make an appearance on Pokemon Go Fest's livestream on Twitch.

Masuda has worked on the Pokemon franchise since its inception, first as a composer and later as a game director and overseer for the designs of many of the franchise's iconic creatures. Masuda also came up with the "Masuda Method" of breeding Shiny Pokemon, which gives players a higher likelihood of obtaining Shiny Pokemon when breeding Pokemon from two different real-world countries.

Because of his long tenure with Game Freak and the Pokemon franchise, Masuda is seen as one of the major human faces of Pokemon.

Masuda also collaborated with Niantic Studios on the soundtrack for Pokemon Go, although he famously underestimated how big the game would become.

Of course, Pokemon Go Fest is shaping up to be a major event for the Pokemon franchise, as it will potentially add Legendary Pokemon into the game. Unlocking the first ever Legendary Raid will require participation from trainers around the world, which might be a bit of a problem due to widespread storms over large parts of the United States.