Disturbing Pikachu Bounce House Makes Cameo Appearance in Pokemon Anime

An infamous Internet meme has resurfaced in the Pokemon anime. In the ancient days of the Internet (aka the 2000s), a picture of a Pikachu bounce house over in Japan went viral thanks to its unfortunate choice of entrances. The only way that kids could enter the bounce house was through a vertical slit positioned in between Pikachu's legs. That spawned this infamous picture, which has become a classic on many gaming messageboards.

pikachu bounce house 1

In the latest episode of the Pokemon anime, that bounce house made a surprise appearance in the Alola region. Jessie and Mimikyu were blasted into a local shopping center after a battle with Ash and his new Lycanroc, where the Pikachu bounce house surprisingly broke their fall.

While Jessie searched for Mimikyu's costume, which went missing after they landed, several children got a close look at the Pikachu bounce house. However, Jessie inadvertently popped the bounce house when she landed on it while trying to retrieve Mimikyu's missing Pikachu costume from some Murkrow.

Oh, and Meowth almost dies a second time after seeing Mimikyu's true form, although Jessie and Mimikyu looked at several alternate disguises first.

This isn't the first time that the infamous bounce house has made an appearance outside of kids' nightmares. The bounce house also appears in the background of one of Pokken Tournament's stages, complete with its infamous slit.

Of course, this isn't even the most disturbing inflatable Pikachu in existence. That honor belongs to a giant inflatable Pikachu found in South Korea, which allowed fans to actually look in between Pikachu's legs and look inside.