Pokemon Virtual Console Players Can Get a Mythical Pokemon for Pokemon Sun and Moon

Players who buy Pokemon Gold or Pokemon Silver later this month will be able to unlock a Mythical Pokemon for their copies of Pokemon Sun and Moon. Nintendo announced that players who buy the classic Pokemon games on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console will also get a special code that will unlock Celebi in either Pokemon Sun and Moon or Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

Celebi first appeared as a Mythical Pokemon in Pokemon Gold and Silver. Like other Mythical Pokemon, players originally couldn't catch Celebi in the games and instead had to attend special distributions held at retail and game stores. Celebi has made periodic appearances since via other distributions, but never as a catchable Pokemon.

This Celebi will be at Level 30 and know the moves Heal Bell, Safeguard, Ancient Power & Future Sight.

In order to get the special Celebi code, players will need to purchase either Pokemon Gold or Pokemon Silver on September 22. Players who don't buy the games on launch day won't get the code...even if they're only a day late. The code will work until September 21, 2018.

Players who buy Pokemon Gold and Silver will also get two special Pokemon themes unlocked for their Nintendo 3DS.

As if that's not reason enough to buy Pokemon Gold and Silver for the Nintendo 3DS, these games will also be compatible with the Pokemon Bank, so players can transfer their Pokemon from the Virtual Console games into their newer games like Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Players will be able to re-live their first journey through the Johto Region on September 22nd. Be sure to mark your calendar so that you don't miss out on a chance to grab a rare Pokemon on launch day!



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