Brock is a Hunk in the New Pokemon Anime

Brock has apparently been working out since we saw him last in the Pokemon anime.

In this week's episode of Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon, Brock battled Ash's teammate Kiawe in a fearsome battle that pitted Mega Evolution against Z-Moves. Right before the battle started, Brock inexplicably tossed off his shirt to reveal his Key Stone....and his stunning set of abs.

Here's a clip of Brock revealing that his Rock-Type Pokemon aren't the only ones with chiseled bods. Old school Pokemon might also notice that Brock makes the same pose as when he first battled trainers in Pokemon Red and Blue.

Notably, Brock doesn't have any nipples, unlike Mario's recently revealed bare chest.

Brock's physique shouldn't be much of a surprise, considering he spent the better part of two decades backpacking around the Pokemon world alongside Ash. And since we never saw Misty or Ash carry much gear other than their Pokeballs, we can only assume that it was Brock who lugged around all of their camping equipment and food.

Given that Brock has notoriously bad luck with the ladies, maybe he should try taking his shirt off more often. Brock's toned arms and chest stand out even in a series where two of the main characters aren't wearing shirts. Plus, Brock's a Pokemon doctor now, so you know he's rolling in plenty of cash too.

Sadly, this is likely the last time we'll see Brock or his six pack for the forseeable future. Ash said goodbye to both Ash and Misty and returned to the Alola region to continue his exploration of the region and his studies at the Pokemon school. Of course, it's always possible that Brock could visit Ash in Alola...and also spend some time on the beach tanning that ripped chest of his.



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