Sonic Mania’s Latest Patch Introduces Super Sonic When You Want, Squashes Bugs


Sonic Mania has been doing quite well for Sega over the past six weeks, bringing back all kinds of old-school memories to fans that grew up with the hero’s 16-bit adventures. That said, the quest hasn’t quite been perfect, as a few glitches have popped up along the way.

But Sega said, “BEGONE!” this morning with a new patch that’s launched for all versions of the game, and it provides a number of fixes that fans will be pleased with.

First off, the Nintendo Switch version of the game got the most repair, as users can now use the Home and snapshot buttons with it, instead of having to turn the system off completely. The latest patch will apply these changes with ease.

On top of that, players will now have the option to activate Super Sonic whenever they see fit, instead of having it done automatically. They still need to meet the Chaos Emerald prerequisite to get to him, but they can turn it on however they please, making their Super Sonic moment feel even more epic.

Other fixes that were made to the game are as follows:


  • Fixed ‘Soft Lock’ issue in No Save mode
    • occurred if beating Titanic Monarch Zone 2 with all Chaos Emeralds
  • Fixed some other bugs (not listed)

The company also specifically mentioned the fixes to the Nintendo Switch version in this tweet, noting, “A new Sonic Mania patch is rolling out, adding the Super Sonic button, and fixes the Switch home button and other bugs.” (And yes, we love the idea of something called a Super Sonic button.)

So it sounds like everything’s hunky dory with Sonic Mania again, so you can get back into the old-school fun without having to deal with those bugs. And there’s no better time to enjoy it, as it’s likely to rev you up for the forthcoming Sonic Forces, which is set to release on November 7th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. Consider this a great warm-up for the main event.

Sonic Mania is available now for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.