WWE 2K18 Motion Capture Features Shane McMahon In Action

Here comes the monayyyyyyyyy!

With WWE 2K18 just a few weeks away from release, 2K Sports is really ramping up the trailers for the game, including this sweet new roster trailer.

But if that’s not enough, its latest footage features a behind-the-scenes look at the extensive motion capture work that’s going into the game – and it features none other than the Smackdown runner himself, Shane O’Mac!

Yep, Shane McMahon recently jumped into the motion capture suit to perform a few stunts for the upcoming game, hitting the Bay Area and performing a few signature moves to make his character – as well as many others – look as sweet as possible. And, hell yes, he wore his trademark sneakers and did his dance moves. He’s Shane!

He explains the work that he put into the game, and why he did it (mainly because his kids enjoy the games), and got to see a number of his own maneuvers put into the game. No word yet if he got suplexed through plate glass like he did by Kurt Angle during his King of the Ring match a few years ago…but, man, that’d be a cool moment.

He was able to do a lot of his other moves though, like the shooting star press (which he can still execute with style), his signature elbow, and a coast-to-coast on an awaiting trash can across the way. “I had to really amp up for it,” he explained.

He also asked for his levels to be “juiced up” so that he’d be powerful in the game, but final rankings haven’t been given yet. Perhaps he’ll even be stronger than Kevin Owens, who he’ll be facing off against in the WWE Hell In a Cell pay-per-view event next month. Maybe he’ll deliver another top-of-the-cage dive onto an announce table...and we’ll get to do that in the game as well.

We’ll see how McMahon and the rest of the roster handle soon enough, as WWE 2K18 is headed for release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC on October 17th. Our money’s on Shane, because you can’t go wrong with coast-to-coast!