Here’s Exactly When You’ll Be Able To Play Cuphead On Windows 10 And Xbox One


It’s almost here. Like we can practically count the hours until we’re finally going to be able to play Studio MDHR’s long-awaited Cuphead.

The game, a side-scrolling shooting adventure fashioned after 1930’s style cartoons, and with a hefty challenge that you could expect from a game such as this, has been in development for years, and we were worried that it would never get a release. But Microsoft eased our tension during its E3 press conference earlier this year, telling us that it was finally coming out this Friday, September 29th.

But now comes the big question – when will we be able to play it? Will it be a midnight release beforehand, or will we have to wait for a certain time? Fortunately, Studio MDHR has provided us with that answer.

According to the studio’s latest tweet, the game will be available worldwide starting on September 29th at 6:00 AM PDT. There won’t be time frames, it’ll just be available at that time.

“Hey #Cuphead fans!” the studio noted. “In case you didn’t know, Cuphead will be launching at a single time around the world at 6:00 am PT on Sept. 29!” It also features a picture of a one-eyed pig staring at his clock, wondering when then will be now. (To which we use our usual Spaceballs response and say, “Soon.” And you’ll probably say back, “How soon?!”)

That’s not too long from now, so we can wait a few more hours – we guess – until the game arrives. And we’ll have a review shortly thereafter, letting you know if the game, which was initially introduced back in 2014, will live up to its good looks. And, for that matter, if we can get through it without getting pummeled by the game’s many bosses. Because, boy, there are a ton of them.

Cuphead will release this Friday for Xbox One and Windows 10.