Microsoft Settles On Upcoming Xbox One UI Design After Positive Feedback

The latest UI design to hit the Xbox One Preview Program was met with a lot of positive feedback and because of that, the team over at Microsoft is planning to stick with it for awhile.

The new dashboard, available for Xbox Alpha Ring Insiders currently, has a much cleaner appearance with less clutter and the overall design just makes more sense. With the almost complete redesign, player feedback was mostly positive for once giving accolades where they were due to the UI team. One particular Xbox One user sent out a Tweet to Mike Yabarra stating just that, to which the Xbox Vice President replied with the intent for only "small adjustments" in the near future.

With the new Light Theme and drastic changes to the social aspect of the Microsoft console, the Xbox One platform received quite the makeover. Now that the team has settled on a UI design that they, and fans, are happy with - smaller tweaks are set for the future to keep up optimal performance features.

In other changes, there is a new Game Gifting feature that will be coming soon. Much like Steam's gift feature, within the Xbox store there has been a user spotting of a gifting option next to where users typically see the "buy" button. You don't even need to be friends with the person to gift them a copy of a beloved game - it's perfect for those looking for other players to do online events with, even for the more casual of acquaintances. To read more about the initial discovery regarding Xbox One's Game Gifting feature, check out our earlier coverage here.