Thomas Kalinske, Former Sega of America President, Hospitalized After Suffering Stroke

Thomas Kalinski suffered a stroke on October 1st that landed the former Sega of America president in the hospital. Luckily, Kalinske seems to be doing better since he was admitted and is praying for a full recovery.

The news was first announced via the official Sega Twitch, and then later by Kalinske himself on his own social media page. Though he reports that he lost some of his capabilities on his left side, he is hopeful for a "complete recovery" over his stay in a local hospital. He plans to stay in admission over the next 10 to 24 days, and is fully responsive and stable at this time.

Kalinski was a power house back in his Sega days, monumental to the growth of the company during the original console war days between Nintendo and this company. His work on the Sonic franchise is especially notated within his achievements, though he left the company back in 1996 to pursue other ventures.

Our thoughts are with Thomas Kalinski and his family during his period of recovery and hope that he completes his rehab and back at home in no time!

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