Players Can Try Out The Justice League VR Experience Soon

Last month, we reported on the news that Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment was hard at work on a virtual reality experience based around the forthcoming Justice League, putting players in the shoes of their favorite heroes as they attempt to fend off invading enemies.

The forthcoming game promises to provide users a number of opportunities, including being able to run with the Flash, drive the Batmobile, shoot enemies with Cyborg, swim with Aquaman in the Atlantean waters, and take out some bothersome Parademons that have invaded Themyscira, with the help of Wonder Woman. And soon enough, you’ll be able to try it out.

Earlier today, DC Comics posted a new video that notes Warner Bros. is providing an exclusive preview of the game at New York Comic-Con this weekend, letting players try it out before its eventual release, likely sometime next month alongside the game. However, for those that can’t make the show, not to worry, as a Justice League app will enable you to try out the experience without waiting in long lines. There’s no word on when that will be available, but it’s not too far off.

The video, which you can also see above (it starts at about the 55 second mark) provides a quick glimpse of the gameplay featured in the Justice League VR game, including Wonder Woman swatting away at Parademons with her shield, Cyborg shooting like crazy, and Aquaman swimming underwater. It looks to be an exciting arcade-style experience, and the fact that you get to try it out for free certainly doesn’t hurt.

Distribution hasn’t been completely laid out yet, but we do know that the experience will have an exclusive window with IMAX VR centers, and other VR platforms will get it shortly thereafter, across both home and mobile systems. We’ll probably have more details around next month, closer to the film’s release. One thing’s for sure – it’ll be fun to hop inside the Batmobile and do some joyriding. (Possibly while yelling out, “I’m rich!”)

There’s no release date on the experience, but the movie is hitting theaters on November 17th, so, again, expect it to be around that time.