Pokemon Anime Teases the Return of [SPOILER]

One of Ash's oldest traveling companions looks to be returning to the Pokemon anime on a semi-regular basis.

Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon started its new season in Japan earlier today, complete with a new opening and ending theme songs. As the credits played at the end of the episode, Ash was shown hanging out with Pikachu and his new friend Nebby, when Jigglypuff makes a surprise appearance and puts them all to sleep.

After a lengthy absence from the Pokemon anime, Jigglypuff made a surprise re-appearance when Ash and his classmates traveled to the Kanto region to visit Professor Oak's lab. After a battle with Team Rocket, Jigglypuff surprised Ash and his friends and put them all to sleep with their song. The following episode, Jigglypuff hitched a ride to the Alola region on a plane, although Ash wasn't aware of it at the time.

Jigglypuff followed Ash, Brock, and Misty for years. While Jigglypuff seemed friendly with Ash and his friends after they helped Jigglypuff soothe its throat, the Pokemon became repeatedly frustrated with Ash's inability to stay away when it sang to him. Once Ash and his companions would inevitably fall asleep, Jigglypuff would pull out a permanent marker and draw all over their faces.

The ending to the new anime seems to hint that Jigglypuff will be a recurring character in Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon in the new season. While the anime has brought back old characters solely for opening and closing sequences before, we know that Jigglypuff is in the Alola region and it seems fated to reunite with Ash....whether he likes or not.